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We the promoters of Total Swadeshi have been working in the field of Trade shows organizing since last decade. Vibrant Ayurveda Expo and Summit is one of our flagship trade shows. We also organised a lifestyle show named Hyper expo.

While working with lifestyle and Ayurveda Industries of India closely we came to know the power of Swadeshi. Many of our exhibitors suggested us to organise Swadeshi Expo which has Made in India products, mainly from wellness and FMCG industry.

During COVID 19 Pandemic, we all realised the importance of the Digital world and AYUSH products. We decided to create an online marketplace complementing Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and promoting Made in India products.

And here we have come up with TOTAL SWADESHI. We are looking forward to making a reach of Total Swadeshi just not within India but across the borders.


Total Swadeshi is an online Indian marketplace that brings to you the best Indian products from all across the country. We aim to bring local businesses together on this platform where shopping for made-in-India products becomes easier than ever. With the growing need to enhance India’s economy, it is our duty to support local businesses to give our contribution to our country. Hence, we can do so by shopping from swadeshi brands rather than spending a fortune on foreign brands.

Offering a vast variety of homegrown products ranging from Skin Care, Hair Care, Personal Care and Body Care, we ensure quality and value for money with every product sold. Every product available at Total Swadeshi is 100% homegrown by Indian businesses with locally sourced ingredients that add a touch of patriotism to every product.

Shopping for made-in-India products helps the local businesses thrive and strengthen the economy of the country. Hence, with a view to make it possible, we offer herbal beauty products, natural beauty products and some of the best Ayurvedic products in India.

Ayurveda is India’s most ancient medicine system and we believe in the power of it. Therefore, our prime focus is to provide you with the best ayurvedic products that will enhance your well-being. Our partners at Total Swadeshi are some of the best Indian beauty products companies and we collectively ensure to provide you with a great shopping experience with us.

At Total Swadeshi, we strive towards making India an Aatmanirbhar nation as rightly said by the Shri Narendra Modi. To make this dream come true, we are dedicated to supporting local businesses by offering them our all-in-one platform where buying and selling made-in-India products is a seamless task.