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Adkesh Hair oil is Fortified with 9 precious Ayurvedic Herbs like  harar, Bahera, Jatamansi, Neem, Nagarmotha ,Asal Rai, Ghee Kuwari, Nimbu, Erand  processed in base of seasame oil.
A good head massage with Adkesh hair oil keeps the nervous system healthy. Applying oil to hair and massaging is one of the ways to improve hair strength, and hair quality, according to Ayurvedic principles. Apart from this, applying hair oil has several other benefits including calmness of mind, sleep improvement, headache remedy, helps people suffering from baldness, prevents premature greying of hair, stress, insomnia and other diseases associated with nervous system.
• The scalp and hair can be massaged with warm Adkesh hair oil infused with hair-nourishing herbs. Adkesh oils meant for hair and scalp massage  includes 9 hair-friendly herbs to derive the benefit of massage. The herbs are  slow-cooked in carrier oil and strained.
Sesame oil is the base of Adkesh oil, and is the ideal choice for hair. The reason being that those using sesame oil regularly, do not suffer from headache, greying of hair, baldness, dandruff or hair fall. Hair becomes black, longer, deep-rooted and regular use of sesame oil helps in getting sound sleep too. Follow up sesame oil massage with lukewarm water bath after a few hours. In fact, sesame oil is also safe for massaging babies, as it helps induce deep relaxation and relieves headache. Further, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties and protects hair from damaging effects of chlorine.
Except that Adkesh hair oil has the benefit of
Amla is very effective hair oil for most hair problems and helps relieve headache, dizziness and other pitta related conditions. Adkesh oils contain amla as a major ingredient, prepared in sesame oil base
Bhringraj, also known as Eclipta alba or false daisy, holds a solid place in ayurvedic hair remedies, and no wonder its name by itself translate to “king of tresses”. It is mixed with sesame  oil and used as scalp massage and for hair dressing. Bhringraj has high protein and stimulates hair growth and restores black shine of hair.
Mehndi leaves contain a natural acid called hennotannic acid. This is the acid that works as a dye in mehndi. Mehndi oil helps to keep your hairs black & Conditioned.

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