Aroma Treasures Pure and natural Ylang Ylang Essential Oil ( 10ml )

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Helps balance sebum production and is most helpful to oily skin. Assists in stimulating hair growth.� The tree grows to a height of approximately 65 feet (1 . metres), and it is from the large yellow or pink fragrant flowers of the tree that the oil is extracted. The yellow flowers are considered superior to the pink ones for purposes of oil extraction. The flowers have a long history of use in skin care and the prevention of infection. The aphrodisiac properties of the flower have been appreciated for many hundreds of years, and in Indonesia ylang ylang blooms were traditionally scattered on the beds of newly-wed couples on their wedding night The flowers are steam distilled to produce the essential oil. A total of four distillations take place. The product of the first distillation is known as ylang ylang extra and is the most expensive and the highest quality. The three following distillates, known as grades I, II and III are progressively diminished in complexity and quality. Ylang Ylang� oil was an ingredient of macassar oil, which was the very popular in Victorian times as a treatment for� scalp, stimulating hair growth. The oil is pale yellow and has a powerful sweet, floral fragrance that has a hint of spiciness. It is similar in many respects to jasmine oil

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