Eylin Herbal Shower Gel – Enriched with Sandal Extract & Sandal Perfume Body Wash ( 1 Liter )

For A Skin That’s Thirsty For Nourishment And Can’t Stand The Stickiness Of A Moisturizing Cream, Sandal Extract Gel Is The Saviour ! Every Day Our Skin Is Robbed Of The Essential Moisture, Making The Skin Look Tired And Dull. Say Hello To Your New Superhero – A Gel So Good, It Hydrates Your Skin And Protects It From Further Damage. Hydrating ALOE VERA Soothes And Cools The Skin, Repairing The Sun Damage. Sandal Extract Works Like Magic In Treating Acne, Scars And Hyper pigmentation. Works In The Deep Layers Of The Skin To Evenly Tone, Revive And Re-Energize It. VITAMIN C & E Nourish The Skin, Improving The Overall Health And Texture. Skin, Whether Normal, Dry Or Oily, Starts Looking Dull Because Of Dehydration. Orange Extract Gel Restores The Healthy Water Balance In The Skin, Making It Look Fresh And Lively. This Is Your Perfect Alternative To A Heavy Cream. Happy Skin, Happy You!



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