Eylin Herbal Shower Gel Orange Extract & Neem / Aloevera Extract (Combo 1 Liter Of Orange Extract & 1 Liter Of Neem/Alovera Extract )

For A Skin That’s Thirsty For Nourishment And Can’t Stand The Stickiness Of A Moisturizing Cream, Orange Extract & Neem Extract Gel Is The Saviour ! Every Day Our Skin Is Robbed Of The Essential Moisture, Making The Skin Look Tired And Dull. Say Hello To Your New Superhero – A Gel So Good, It Hydrates Your Skin And Protects It From Further Damage. Hydrating ALOE VERA Soothes And Cools The Skin, Repairing The Sun Damage. Orange Extract & Neem Extract Works Like Magic In Treating Acne, Scars And Hyper pigmentation. Works In The Deep Layers Of The Skin To Evenly Tone, Revive And Re-Energize It. VITAMIN C & E Nourish The Skin, Improving The Overall Health And Texture. Skin, Whether Normal, Dry Or Oily, Starts Looking Dull Because Of Dehydration. Orange Extract & Neem Extract Gel Restores The Healthy Water Balance In The Skin, Making It Look Fresh And Lively. This Is Your Perfect Alternative To A Heavy Cream. Happy Skin, Happy You!




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