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Naturcure body lotion
Our Naturcure body lotion has an unique and extraordinary formula, in which a blend of various pure herbs and natural ingredients are combined to create this remarkable product. It contains the following herbs and natural ingredients: grape seed, Apple, Wheatgerm oil & Holy Basil.
Body lotion is something that most people, especially as they age, will use from time to time. Adding body lotion to your daily routine is a great way of improving the quality of your skin today and in the future. A daily lotion can contribute tremendously to the health of your skin.
Naturcure body lotion heals dry skin. A good daily lotion will make your skin actually become softer.This is especially true for rough spots. Particularly vulnerable spots for roughness are joints such as the elbows, knees, or knuckles. The hands, too, because they are constantly being used and are frequently washed – Naturcure body lotion can help to exfoliate dead skin cells and keep the new skin cells underneath moist and healthy.
Naturcure body lotion can also seal in what moisture already exists in your skin. Cold weather is one of the biggest culprits in stripping skin of its natural moisture, causing extreme dryness. Applying a lotion before exposure to the cold can help lock the skin’s moisture in, protecting it from the weather. Naturcure body lotion will also resist the effects of aging on your skin,  through anti-aging herbal ingredients , which improves the elasticity of skin, something that often declines with age.
Naturcure body lotion can provide many benefits to your body. A special blend of natural herbs. Light and non greasy, it penetrates deep to restore moisture content and make your skin soft and smooth. It is enriched with Apple, whose Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) tone, soften and moisturize. It also contains Grapes & Wheatgerm Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E. Basil has powerful anti-oxidant properties that prevent damage caused by sun-rays and pollution.

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