Naturcure Walnut & Apricort Scrub



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Naturcure walnut & Apricot scrub
When you exfoliate regularly with Naturcure walnut & Apricot scrub you help remove ingrained dirt, old dead skin, and improve the overall look of your face. Naturcure walnut & Apricot  scrub away the old flakey skin,  reveal a more soft and smooth looking skin. One that looks revived! Not only will the texture of your skin improve but you will also help slow down the rate at which your skin ages.
• Enjoy smoother skin
• Reduce the chance of an occasional breakout on your neck, face or back
• Help reduce the appearance of dark spots or age spots
• Minimize the appearance of pores
• Help eliminate dry skin and flakiness
• Get smoother elbows and knees
• Allow your moisturizer to work better, as it penetrates more deeply into exfoliated skin
• Help prevent ingrown hairs and make hair removal easier

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